AJET Sayonara Party + Ultimate Picnic Weekend


In the morning, I had an English Seminar with my friend’s students. These are always enjoyable and fun, especially since these kids know how to speak English and actually want to learn. After that finished, I headed toward Tsu with my friend for the AJET Sayonara Party. This was the farewell party organized by the JET people for the JETs who are leaving this year. I didn’t know too many who were leaving but it was still nice to be able to see them one more time. We paid 4000 yen for food and all you can drink. It was nice to see friends again and catch up.

After we got kicked out of the venue, some of my friends decided to go to nijikai aka afterparty. We went to this bar named Bazooka and they talked so much hype about it but when we got there, it was pretty dead. The drinks were really cheap though, like 250yen per drink. We stayed there for a while then had to head home because of our last train. My friend and I stayed over at a friend’s place since I was going to Nabari the next day for another event. We had some interesting chats, yet again, and then went to bed.


The Nara Ultimate/Rugby Team organized a final picnic gathering for the end of the season and they chose Nabari to be our meeting point between Nara and Mie, which was nice of them. Although some members were in both Ultimate and Rugby, none of the Rugby-only players showed up. So clearly Ultimate is the better sport haha. It was potluck style and it was nice to share the food and chill. We got to play some games too, until it started storming and raining. We retreated back to the cars and decided to take it to bowling!

It was the 10 of us bowling and they kept saying it wasn’t a real sport xD. I didn’t do too badly, but I could have done better. Oh well! One of the members was a dad and brought his 8 year old kid and he was playing with us. He got pretty sad about not being really good at it and we kept trying to cheer him up. We got the guy to put up the gutter walls so they wouldn’t go in the gutter but he just ended up tossing the ball randomly anway xD Well kid, ya gotta learn you can’t be good at everything haha.

It was like 4ish 5 when we finished and the others were about to head home. It was still early to me and I wanted to meet up with my friend who lives in Nabari. So I went to her place and we chilled a bit. Had some good chats and we went out to dinner with another friend. It’s always nice to hang out with her =D I went home right after dinner.. pretty good weekend.

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