Happy One Year!

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Wow. One whole year has passed by since I left my home in Toronto, Canada. It honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year. How did time pass by so quickly?! It’s also the one year anniversary of my blog! In celebration, I finally made a new original logo for my blog =D Now it accurately shows Gigglypuff in Japan!

365 days have gone by and I feel like I’m only starting to grow. Deciding to come on this journey to Japan was the best decision of my life and choosing to stay another year was the second best decision. It still boggles my mind sometimes how I got here. I am so lucky to be in this situation right now where I have a job back home that allows me to take time off, and that will still be there for me when I go back. I’m lucky I have savings back home so I can travel and experience things to the fullest here without worrying about money too much. I’ve been out and about almost every weekend and even on weekdays lately. It’s been exhausting!!! My friends always say, “And who’s fault is that?!” Haha, well I just really want to make the most out of this limited time that I’m here! No regrets yo.

I’ve been through so many ups and downs, each teaching me something new about myself, and about life in general. I’ve made many new friends here that I hope to keep for a lifetime =) I’m also so lucky that so many of my friends and family were able to visit me throughout the year. I don’t think I’m one to be homesick, but it really was nice to see and hug familiar faces again. It was my first time ever living away from home for more than a month and boy, did I learn a lot haha. I love the independence and freedom also hehe.

Keeping this blog has been like a part-time job for me since I’m so busy traveling, working, and doing nothing (because I’m so exhausted). After trips or events, I’m usually pooped and then I gotta sort through photos, then summarize my adventures. It’s fun writing about them because it’s like I get to experience the awesomeness again. Sorting through multiple photos of the same thing is a pain though haha. But for sure I’m thankful that I’m keeping up with this blog because I know the future self will thank me. It also helps to know that my cousin reads it and will harass me if I don’t post for a while xD (YA YOU WILLAY <3)

What I’ve learned so far in this past year (non-exclusive):

  • My life here is dependent on trains. Trains are life. I love trains.
  • I probably spend a third of my paycheck every month on transportation.
  • I’m ALWAYS running for the train. Story of my life.
  • Because I’m a germ and bug freak, I like to keep my place clean. That’s the only reason haha. Still gets messy though.
  • I can still survive without a grocery store near me. Just befriend my apartment boyz.
  • I can fit a magical amount of things on my bike and somehow still be able to ride it home.
  • I’m actually quite a big Otaku eh? Weeb4lyfe.
  • I miss teaching my little kids, but being able to have real conversations with high school kids is also pretty amazing.
  • I love traveling alone.
  • I appreciate my alone time because it’s so rare.
  • Never turn off the breaker on purpose to “save energy” >_>
  • I have a shopping problem.
  • I can’t live in Japan forever or I will literally have no savings left.
  • But I’m in love with Japan. Ugh.
  • My favourite city is Osaka. Just, everything. ❤
  • I have bad days and a domino of bad luck sometimes, but I just end up laughing it off, cause why not.
  • This is the adventure that I’ve been missing in my life.
  • If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.
  • Everything always seems to work out in the end.
  • If I’m meant to die here, then there’s nothing I can do about it. (I know this is deep, but this motto is what has gotten me this far without going crazy over earthquakes and tsunamis)

Things I hope to learn for the next year:

  • How to pack everything to send back home. LOL. Problem of the year.


Tomorrow, I’m going back to Tokyo, where it all began. The Canadian Embassy of Japan invited me to go to Tokyo (for free!!!) to attend the new incoming Canadian JETs orientation. The embassy held a contest for the best Canada150 Lesson Plan and I won!! =D I like, never win stuff, so I was really happy. But now I have to go present it in front of everyone and give some sort of cool speech. But ahhh I’m meeting the new Canadian JETs and I get to be sempai! It’s all so なつかしい~ (nostalgic). I will pass on my wise knowledge bahahaha. They’re all doomed.

Well, here’s to another year of adventures! I’m so excited to see how much more exhausted I’ll be by the end of next year haha. But as my friend from Toronto says “We want you back in one piece, dear”, I shall take care of myself as well. =P

Thanks for reading, whether it was just this post or my other posts too. Though I’m writing this blog mainly for myself, it’s nice to know you guys are interested in my crazy adventures xD

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