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Happy One Year!

Wow. One whole year has passed by since I left my home in Toronto, Canada. It honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year. How did time pass by so quickly?! It’s also the one year anniversary of my blog! … Continue reading

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One heck of a weekend

Let me tell you about this fun-crazy-frustrating weekend. Long post ahead! (Pics separated) Fri. July 14 So my jutaku boyz (apartment boys) invited me to barbecue outside of the apartment and of course I had to go! It was finally … Continue reading

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AJET Sayonara Party + Ultimate Picnic Weekend

Saturday In the morning, I had an English Seminar with my friend’s students. These are always enjoyable and fun, especially since these kids know how to speak English and actually want to learn. After that finished, I headed toward Tsu … Continue reading

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Yukata Party!

My first Yukata party! Yukatas are basically like kimonos but they are made out of a lighter material because summer is so friggin hot and humid heh. It was almost Tanabata, which is the Star Festival on July 7th. This … Continue reading

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Tajima Ultimate Tournament + JLPT

(Pics separated) Fri. June 30 This was a pretty fun weekend!! Had to rush to Nara on Friday after work because the tournament started on Saturday morning. This Ultimate frisbee tournament was apparently the biggest one of the year around … Continue reading

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Isobe no Omita (Rice Planting Festival)

  Finally an event in my little inaka town!! This event happens once a year, always on June 24th. I never knew this but the rice fields I go past every day are holy!! They’re part of the Ise Grand … Continue reading

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Camp Inn!!!

  Yay!!! I was so looking forward to this event because it’s like the biggest AJET event of the year. We had to like fight for spots since there was a limited amount. At first some of my friends weren’t … Continue reading

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