Ultimate Beach Tournament

Yayyy!! I hadn’t played Ultimate in a while since I was so busy during March and April. This was my first beach tournament! I had no idea what to expect really. The sand wasn’t nice enough to play barefoot though. And some courts had A LOT of sand we had to trek through. What sucked even more was that I had sprained my hip or something during the train ride to Akashi. Maybe I was sitting for too long or who knows what sigh. So I was kinda broken for most of the tournament. I decided to just take it easy.

I think we had like 4 or 5 games, with quite a lot of chill time in between. The games were only like 20 minutes long… WAY TOO SHORT! That’s like only a third of the games back home. There was also this Dodgebee game where you had to throw this foam disc at the other team and they had to either catch it or dodge it. Something like that, I didn’t exactly understand the rules completely. The actual Ultimate games were pretty tough though because of the running. It was a different type of exhaustion. All the Japanese players got slowed down by the sand too so we kinda had a better advantage there haha. I think we lost all of our Ultimate games though… But we were not last! I think we were 13th out of 15 teams haha. We bumped up because of the number of points that were scored against us. It was fun though! Despite my injury D:

After the tournament, we pretty much had to rush back home because I live so farfaraway =/ It was a short trip (in terms of actually being there) (long commute trip) but it was still worth it! I try to get out as much as I can ^_^

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Sports Festival and Baseball

Sports Festival

Ok so a bit of a long story for this. The Sports Festival was scheduled for Fri. June 2, but I usually go to my Marine school on Fridays, so I wouldn’t have been able to attend my main school’s Sports Festival. Buttttt. My Marine school was going on a field trip that day so I didn’t need to go! So aha! I could attend the Sports Festival. But then there was a dilemma of going to Tokyo earlier instead. After much contemplation, I settled for a compromise and stayed for the morning and left in the afternoon.

I’ve watched these things in animes and dramas but it was just so surreal to live it in real life! We all did this “rajio taiso” which is like the morning exercise stretching thing. They did skipping, tug-of-war, relays, 100m races, throwing battle challenge, and some funny obstacle course. So the skipping, it was crazy because there were about 20 students who were jumping at a time! Talk about teamwork though. One of the classes were able to get like … I forgot but pretty high, like maybe 50+? My class from my Marine school had like 15 people who did over 100 jumps! It was crazy! The throwing battle was interesting to watch too. It was like shot put but with some sort of small football thing. They had to toss that as far as they could. The obstacle course they had started with them needing to “wake up” from bed, put clothes on, then another student would have to get some hanging food with their mouth then another would need to find something in a box of flour with just their mouth. It was pretty funny to watch xD I participated in the relay with the teachers and that was pretty fun. Wish I wasn’t injured though so I could have ran more haha.

Anyway, apparently a lot of the events were won by the first year classes. My first years are pretty awesome this year! Yea so, I didn’t miss much from the afternoon but I’m glad I was able to see most of it =D no regrets!

Baseball Game

I had this written in my calendar like 2 months in advance cause I wanted to make sure I could attend this game! It was because both my schools were going head to head with each other! Also, cause I haven’t properly watched a baseball game before. So I got there and sat behind the fence/net that was like behind the batter. Yea, my main school pretty much crushed my marine school heh. I think it was mainly because my main school had a lot of 3rd years who played and my marine school had many first years. Either way, it was fun to watch and cheer on the kids. They were scheduled to play two games and I was gonna stay for only one but even that one took way longggg. So many fouls and balls and stuff. I still don’t know how they determine what is what haha. So I couldn’t stay for all the innings, probably only up to the 7th inning only. This was cause I had my boat and train to catch to go to yet ANOTHER place. Man I’m so busy all the time haha. Only cause I wanna make the most out of my time here!! I was heading to a faraway place named Kobe (like 5 hours away) for a Beach Frisbee Tournament! Decided to go there the night before in preparation for the Sunday. More on that next post!

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Cooking Seminars

A fellow JET friend invited us to join his Cooking students for a cooking seminar. It was only 500 yen per session and it was so worth it! These students apparently compete internationally and are super pro. We would cook in our group and students would help us out.

First Class – Nikujaga, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki

We made nikujaga, which is like potatoes and some other veggies mixed with meat. It was pretty simple and reminded me of tonjiru (pork soup). We didn’t get to actually make the yakitori because it would take too long, especially for their secret sauce, so we just ate these xD. We made some other chicken skewers things though. It was mashed up chicken with finely chopped onions (my friend had a blast chopping these in tiny pieces xD). Then finally we made some okonomiyaki from scratch! It was actually much easier than I thought! And I could put so much other crap in there when I make it at home. (Which I did and it was pretty successful!) My friend’s okonomiyaki turned out beautiful! We had a very successful cooking session =D No one died yay!

Second Class – Katsudon, Tempura Udon

This was a fun session! They told us that the katsudon would be to take home for lunch the next day and we would be eating the tempura udon for dinner. Katsudon is basically pork cutlet with egg on rice. It is very delicious, please try it! So we had fun making and frying those. We cut a bunch of stuff for the tempura and peeled lots of shrimp too. Assembling the tempura was fun! You had to dip it in different stuff and then throw it in the oil, well throw it carefully xD Oh yea, they showed us how to make the soup base with the bonito flakes. We also used that dashi for the katsudon too. Thinking about it again is making me droooooooool. Near the end, we had to rush because I had to catch my train to go home. This is like a reoccuring theme of me needing to always run for my train cause I live so far x_x. yea so I quickly ate it up yummmm! Ate the katsudon the day after and it was yum yum yum. I don’t think I’d ever make it myself though because it’s so much work xD.

Third Class – Futomaki, Matcha Roll Cake

The final class! Awww. We were making futomaki, which is a type of sushi roll. “Futoi” literally means fat, so it’s a fat roll, basically. You stuff a bunch of stuff in there like tamagoyaki (fried egg), cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, some unknown greens, we put shrimp in it too. It was fun to make because it was so easy. Well, everything but the tamagoyaki-making was easy. We were all struggling to roll those things because the stove was so hot and the pan was so big. They are pretty filling too because they’re so fat. Eating like 4 pieces could easily fill you up. For the matcha roll cake, we just had fun prepping it but there was no time to actually bake it and let it cool so they pre-prepared for us. we made the cream and rolled it up. Coincidentally it was June 6, 6/6, which is apparently roll cake day! Notice how the 6 is like in the shape of a roll cake haha. We didn’t have time to eat this there so we took it home and I gobbled it up in like 3 sittings.

All in all, I really enjoyed the cooking seminars! It was cheap and fun and I learned some stuff! I would do the okonomiyaki again and I want to perfect my tamagoyaki making skills.

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Tokyo again hehe

Fri. Jun. 2

This was a short 3 day ish trip to Tokyo. I wanted to finally meet me long time friend but he didn’t have enough time to come to Kansai so I decided to take the long commute to him. I arrived in Tokyo at around 10pm and we had a late night dinner. Of course I had to recommend him to eat Ichiran, cause duh it’s like the best ramen, besides the shops in Sapporo haha. So we waited for a good like half hour plus. Then we walked around Shinjuku and had a drink. We met this Australian guy and he was telling us to not go to Australia because of all the dangerous animals and creatures there. Apparently many ways to die haha. Then we went home to prep for a full fledged day ahead.

Sat. Jun. 3

I took him to Meiji Shrine to look around and I wanted to go to Yoyogi Park but it was on the other side. I had been to Meiji Shrine like 4 times now but I had not yet seen the Park. Like what. It’s okay, I’ll go another time.

After that, we started the weebing yayyyy. I took him to Nakano Broadway because it had a lot of cheap anime goods. A lot of the stores didn’t open until like 12pm (so late right on a Saturday even…) so we killed some time by playing some crane games haha. My friend finally was able to win something! I took a few tries for this Gatomon too but I know that if you’re willing to spend the money on that certain type of machine, then you will get it. Anyways, we did our shopping and I was so so so happy to find an affordable key frame from Cardcaptor Sakura. What is a key frame you ask? Here comes my next level weebness. It’s basically a scene taken straight from the anime. Like a screen shot. The artist actually drew all these and transferred them onto these plastic sheets, which in turn, creates the anime. *-* Anyhoooo

We went to Tokyo Character Street for his anime addiction and then we headed straight to Akiba! This was his home yo haha. We did shopping, browsing, etc. I took him to a maid cafe and we enjoyed some songs and shows haha. It was funny to see that there were some regulars there too… Also, all the stuff I wanted to order had white rice in them and THEY RAN OUT OF WHITE RICE. Geebus. They only had omurice left and I learned through many times that I did not like ketchup with rice. Yea, so we shopped around some more then ate some tempura don. We played more arcade games and of course the obligatory purikura haha. We had to say our goodbyes soon after since it was getting late and he had a plane to catch the next day. Thanks for meeting up with me Mitty!

But that night was just the beginning for me haha. I had plans to go out with my other friend that night. It’s so amazing that we were able to keep in touch all this time in Japan. She lives in Gunma, which is like 2 hours from Tokyo and I live like on the other side of Japan. Yet, I’ve seen her more than all the other Toronto JETS! Amazing friendship we have built ❤ We’ve been through so much and this night was unforgettable. It sealed our friendship! Note to self: Ask Tara for details of this night if you ever forget. Haha suckers, no details for you =D

Sun. Jun. 4

Soooooo the morning was a crazy explosion of a mess. I have my friend to thank for that. But after that fun night, I went to have Taco Bell for the first time in months! I also decided to finally go to Yoyogi Park! Omg I did not realize that it was so friggin close to Meiji Shrine. All I had to do was just walk around and it was right there… It was a really nice park! I decided to chill for a bit on the bench cause I was just so exhausted. This France guy beside me offers me a chocolate and so we started a conversation like that. It’s so interesting meeting so many different people everywhere. People are interesting haha. I’m not usually one to talk to strangers but I’m learning that it’s pretty fun =P after a while, I decided to head off and explore more of the park and see the different stuff happening around. Nice flowers and ponds and nature.

After the park, I went to Shibuya 109 to shop around but I don’t think I had enough energy to try clothes on. It was mostly window shopping. While waiting to meet my friend, I decided to play some Mai Mai. Oh! I finally got a game card to save my progress and high scores. It was also my first time getting an S rank for a song!!!! How exciting haha. It also kinda messed up when I was putting in my money and it let two people play. So I just offered the guy in line if he wanted to play with me xD. Anyway. Then I met up with my friend and we caught up with each other while having dinner. She had to go back to Gunma and my night bus back to Nagoya was at like 11:30pm so I had a while to wait. So I do what I do best and go shop and play some more xD

The bus ride back was surprisingly comfortable and I didn’t even need to get up to pee at all. I knocked out instantly (prob cause I was so exhausted from the other night) and woke up when we were there! That doesn’t even happen when I’m in a normal bed haha. So from Nagoya (6am), I got some McDs breakfast and I trained all the way back home. Reached home (9:30am), did some laundry, took an hour nap, and went to work to teach. Crazy right? But I didn’t wanna take more time off. These vacation days are precious yo.

So that’s the end of that crazy weekend! So much leveling up was done.

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My coworker who is the music teacher was performing in Ise and she invited us to go watch the concert for free! Luckily, she had asked us way in advance that I didn’t have any plans. I went with some of my Japanese teachers of English and she invited some other teachers from her other school. My fellow JET also came too! We had lunch together at this French restaurant and it was like a fancy 3 course meal.

The concert hall was pretty full actually and I was excited to see how the Japanese played haha. I mean, I’ve been to many concerts and even played in so many that I don’t even remember anymore. The orchestra had musicians who were like mid 20s to old xD After each piece, my friend and I kept looking at each other, wondering if we were supposed to clap but somehow the audience knew when to clap and when to not xD After the intermission, the opera singers came out to sing and that got more interesting. I think I am more interested when there are singers involved since you can see them properly. They were even acting out a bit of what they were singing. Some sad love story. I don’t even know what language they were singing in. Latin? German? It’s usually one of those haha.

Anyway, it was a fun experience and they played really well too! The conductor didn’t even need any music in front of him to conduct O_O I was pretty impressed by that. It makes me want to pick up my violin again and see how much I can still play haha.

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Beach Days

I compiled the two beach days into one post.

May 21

My friend is a regular at the beaches in Shima and he was there for the day and invited us to join him. We were coming from Tsu (like 2 hours away) from that morning that we stayed over at our friend’s place. It was kind of a crazy day since we just decided to join him at the beach too. So my friend and I went to the beach and at this point it was like 3 or 4pm. I just wanted to go chill, read my book, and write in my journal.

It was a pretty nice beach with many waves, hence it being known as the surfing beach. There were a bunch of surfers here and my friend himself was a surfer too. The water was still way too cold to go in to swim though. So my friend and I just chilled on the sand. The sand wasn’t too bad too, seeing how most sand on beaches are crappy in Japan (from tsunamis ya know). But it was really nice to know that there was a beach pretty close to me that I think that I can get to by bus! We met up with our 2 friends and just talked a bit and relaxed.

We went to grab dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Shima that I really need to go back to again to try everything. OMG at dinner, our friend was telling us all of his crazy stories during his adventures in other countries like India and Egypt. We were all just in awe of how he was still alive. Such crazy stories haha. He has really lived.

May 27

We decided to go back to the beach, better prepared with sandcastle-making tools. My friend had never made a sandcastle before and she lived in Jamaica! So we started out building a mountain, with everyone helping. Then for some reason, everyone died out and did their own thing or something, and just got too lazy to help build this castle. 2 went to shop for flip flops, 2 went surfing, 1 just decided to start digging the sand deep until he hit water (which he did).

The sand was actually perfect for making sandcastles because it was wet enough that we didn’t have to get water from the ocean. It’s like that perfect snow consistency that you need to make a snowman haha. So like, IIIIII continue building this castle on my own cause I’m stubborn and determined like that. This little 2 year old boy comes along and I think his uncle was telling us that he wanted to play with us. Awwww so cute. So he played with our sandcastle toys as I was trying to build my castle without him wrecking it every few seconds. I don’t even know how long it took to build that sandcastle haha. It was a lot of work yo! Especially since there was the kid then 2 people digging for water around the castle (was like an actually moat, but it was literally just 2 holes on each side of the castle). I managed to dig a tunnel through MY sandcastle (at this point, it was just mine since ain’t nobody be helping). It was so funny because when my 2 friends came back from flip flop shopping, they started snapchatting, saying how they worked soooooo hard on this sandcastle LOL.

I decided to destroy it not long after since I wanted to do it before anyone else did (like the kid). Then we went for dinner at Coco’s and then for dessert. Good and tiring day haha.

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Apartment Photos

Wayyyyyyyy overdue photos of my apartment xD I wanted to make it scream ANITA before I posted a naked apartment! Well, here you have it, no one would believe that Anita did not live here xD At first, I thought this apartment was pretty small, but after being to other people’s places, I really love my place and it is really perfect for one person.

Note: I suggest clicking on the pictures so you can read my comments, if you care to know more about Japanese apartments haha.

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